School of Business and Economics


The School of Business and Economics at Universidad de los Andes fosters research in a variety of topics within Economics, Finance and Business Administration, including industrial organization, corporate finance, business strategy, micro theory, labor economics, international trade, macroeconomics, behavioral economics and health economics.

The school seeks to be at the frontier of knowledge, connected to the research community worldwide. Check out our faculty’s recent publications.


The Review of Financial Studies, 2019

  • “Riding the Bubble with Convex Incentives” by Juan Sotes-Paladino and Fernando Zapatero

Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2019

  • «An optimization approuch and a heuristic procedure to schedule battery charging processes for stackers of palletized cargo» by Leonardo Epstein, F. Basso, R. Pezoa and M. Varas.

Journal of Political Economy, 2019

  • «Exporting and Plant-Level Efficiency Gains: It’s in the Measure» by Álvaro García and Nico Voigtlaender.

Review of Financial Studies, 2019

  • «The Effects of Losing Business Group Affiliation» by Borja Larrain, Giorgo Sertsios and Francisco Urzua.

Journal of Economic Theory, 2018

  • «Intertemporal Incentives Under Loss Aversion» by Rosario Macera.

Annals of Operations Research, forthcoming

  • “Optimal Size of a Rental Inventory with Items Available from a Secondary Source: a Model with Non-stationary Probabilities” by Leonardo Epstein, Eduardo González and Abdón Sepúlveda.

Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2018

  •  “Dynamic Effects of Price Promotions: Field Evidence, Consumer Search, and Supply-Side Implications”  by Andrés Elberg, Pedro M. Gardete, Rosario Macera and Carlos Noton.

 Management Science, 2018

  • “An Empirical Analysis of Self-Enforcement Mechanisms” by Renáta Kosová and Giorgo Sertsios.

Journal of Health Economics, 2018

  • “Can Amputation Save the Hospital? The Impact of the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program on Demand and Welfare” by Gautam Gowrisankaran, Claudio Lucarelli, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler and Robert Town.

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2018

  • “Present or Future Incentives? On the Optimality of Fixed Wages with Moral Hazard” by Rosario Macera.

Review of Financial Studies, 2017

  • “Financing and New Product Decisions of Private and Publicly Traded Firms” by Gordon M. Phillips and Giorgo Sertsios.

RAND Journal of Economics, 2017

  • “Mergers with Inter-firm Bundling: A Case of Pharmaceutical Cocktails” by Minjae Son, Sean Nicholson and Claudio Lucarelli.

Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2017

  • “Dynamic coordination among heterogeneous agents” by Bernardo Guimaraes and Ana Elisa Pereira.

Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2017

  • “An Experimental Analysis of Risk Shifting Behavior” by Pablo Hernández-Lagos, Paul Povel and Giorgo Sertsios.  

Journal of Finance, 2016

  • “Boom and Gloom” by Paul Povel, Giorgo Sertsios, Renáta Kosová and Praveen Kumar.

Journal of Economic Theory, 2016

  • “Qwerty is efficient” by Bernardo Guimaraes and Ana Elisa Pereira.

Journal of Human Resources, 2016

  • “Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Post-Secondary Degrees: Evidence from Chile” by Jorge Rodríguez, Sergio Urzúa and Loreto Reyes.

American Economic Review, 2015

  • “Paying Attention or Paying Too Much in Medicare Part D” by Jonathan D. Ketcham, Claudio Lucarelli and Christopher A. Powers.