Ciclo Economía y Empresa

El Ciclo Economía y Empresa nace en 2013 con el objetivo de generar una instancia de discusión académica de alto nivel intelectual, en torno a la frontera del conocimiento en los temas relacionados con la empresa. Los invitados a exponer en el ciclo son investigadores internacionales destacados en cada una de las áreas relevantes para el quehacer de la empresa.

Ciclo de Economía y Empresa 2018

17/12/2018 Álvaro Pedraza (Banco Mundial)

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Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
10/12/2018 Martin Dufwenberg (Univesity of Arizona)

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Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
30/11/2018 Eduardo Zilberman (Banco Central de Chile)

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Auditorio R02, edificio Reloj
23/11/2018 Felipe Iachan (Fundación Getulio Vargas)

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Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
16/11/2018 Alexander Galetovic (UANDES)

“Renegotiations, Competition and Corruption: The Odebrecht Case”

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
30/10/2018 Guido Friebel (Goethe University)

“What Do Employee Referral Programs Do?”

Auditorio D, Biblioteca.
28/09/2018 Fabian Herweg (University of Bayreuth)

“Salience in Retailing: Vertical Restraints on Internet Sales”

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
21/09/2018 Roni Michaely (Cornell University)

“Sticking Around Too Long? Dynamics of the Benefits of Dual-Class Structures”

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
24/08/2018 Rodrigo Wagner (FEN - U. de Chile)

“Implicit Bailouts and the Debt of Wholly-State-Owned Enterprises”

Auditorio R02, Reloj
29/06/2018 Bernardo Quiroga, Clemson University

“The Role of Transparency in Multiattribute Sealed-bid Procurement Auctions” (Brent Moritz y Daniel Guide)

Auditorio R03, Edificio Reloj
25/05/2018 Shane Johnson (Texas A&M University)

“Competing Against Overconfident CEOs”

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
04/05/2018 Alexander Galetovic (UANDES)

“Patents in semiconductors: 60 years of coevolution”

Sala de Consejo, Facultad Ccias. Económicas y Empresariales
20/04/2018 Erina Ytsma (Postdoctorado MIT Sloan School of Management – IDE)

“Effort and Selection Effects of Performance Pay in Knowledge Creation”

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
13/04/2018 Eugenia Andreasen (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)

“Capital Controls and Firm Performance: The Effects of the Chilean Encaje”

Auditorio D, Biblioteca
06/04/2018 Raicho Bojilov (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

“Do Interviewers Affect Hiring and Employment Outcomes?”

Auditorio D, edificio Biblioteca
29/03/2018 Gastón Illanes (Northwestern University)

“Competition, Asymmetric Information, and the Annuity Puzzle: Evidence from a Government-run Exchange in Chile”

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
16/03/2018 Jean Helwege (University of California Riverside)

“Disclosure, Runs and Bank Capital Raising”

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj

Ciclo de Economía y Empresa 2017

01/12/2017 Audra Boone (Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University) Auditorio R-03, Reloj.
24/11/2017 Balint Horvarth (University of Bristol) Auditorio C, Biblioteca.
26/10/2017 Juan Sotes-Paladino (Universidad de Melbourne) Auditorio R01, Reloj
22/09/2017 Alex Solís (Uppsala University) Auditorio B, Biblioteca.
15/09/2017 Matthew Grennan (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania) Auditorio D, Biblioteca.
14/09/2017 Dragon Tang (University of Hong Kong) Auditorio R-03, Reloj.
01/09/2017 Felipe González (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) Sala Consejo, Facultad ICOM.
09/06/2017 Felipe Balmaceda (Universidad Diego Portales) Auditorio D, Biblioteca
26/05/2017 Tor Bakke (University of Oklahoma) Auditorio R-02, Reloj
24/03/2017 Egor Matveyev (University of Alberta) Auditorio D, Biblioteca

Ciclo de Economía y Empresa 2016

18/11/2016 Ben Handel (University of California Berkeley)
14/10/2016 Alminas Zaldokas (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
27/05/2016 Wolf Wagner (Erasmus University) Auditorio D, edificio Biblioteca
20/05/2016 Ryan Williams (University of Arizona)

“Collusion and efficiency in horizontal mergers: Evidence from geographic overlap” (D.J. Fairhurst)

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
18/03/2016 Joan Farre-Mensa (Harvard University)

“The Bright Side of Patents” (Deepak Hegde y Alexander Ljungqvist)

Auditorio C, edificio Biblioteca
04/03/2016 Dean Lillard (The Ohio State University)

“A new measure of the stock and flow of information and how it affects behavior”

R01, edificio del Reloj

Ciclo de Economía y Empresa 2015

11/12/2015 Rodolfo Prieto (Boston University)

“Costly shortsales and nonlinear pricing” (Julien Hugonnier)

Sala R30, edificio del Reloj
05/11/2015 David M. Kreps (Stanford University)

“Choosing a Good Toolkit: An Essay in Behavioral Economics” (Alejandro Francetich)

Auditorio A, edificio Biblioteca
02/10/2015 Evgeny Lyandres (Boston University)

“Owners’ Portfolio Diversification and Firm Investment: Evidence from Private and Public Firms” (María Teresa Marchica, Roni Michaely y Roberto Mura)

Auditorio D, edificio Biblioteca
28/08/2015 Stephen McKeon (University of Oregon)

“Intermediation in Private Equity: The Role of Placement Agents” (Matthew D. Cain y Steven Davidoff Solomon)

Auditorio A, edificio Biblioteca
14/08/2015 Kristine Hankins (University of Kentucky)

“Wiser to Wait: Do Firms Optimally Execute Share Repurchases?” (Alice Bonaimé y Brad Jordan)

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
09/07/2015 Frank Wolak (Universidad de Stanford)

“Managing Water Scarcity with Nonlinear Pricing: The Case of California”

Auditorio C, edificio Biblioteca
19/06/2015 Guillermo Marshall (Universidad de Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

“How Market Frictions Destroy the Incentives to Invest in Quality: An Application to the Retail Industry” (Tiago Pires)

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
11/06/2015 Manuel Hermosilla (John Hopkins University)

“How Inefficient are Markets for Technology?” (Yufei Wu)

Auditorio R02, edificio del Reloj
05/06/2015 P.T. Léger (HEC Montréal)

“Can High Quality Physicians Lower Future Healthcare Costs? Evidence from Randomized Assignment in Hospital Emergency Departments” (Gautam Gowrisankaran)

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
14/05/2015 Gautam Gowrisankaran (University of Arizona)

“Intermittency and the Value of Renewable Energy” (Stanley S. Reynolds y Mario Samano)

Auditorio C, edificio Biblioteca
17/04/2015 Alexander Galetovic (Universidad de los Andes)

“Royalty Staking: Theory and Evidence from the Mobile Phine Industry” (Kirti Guptay)

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
27/03/2015 Jonathan Kolstad (University of Pennsylvania)

“What does a deductible do? The impact of cost-sharing on health care prices, quantities, and spending dynamics” (Zarek Brot-Goldberg, Amitabh Chandra y Benjamin R. Handel)

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
13/03/2015 Marina Niessmer (University of Yale)

“Is investor attention for sale? The Role of Advertising in Financial Markets”

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj.

Ciclo de Economía y Empresa 2014

21/11/2014 Sandy Klasa (University of Arizona)

“Protection of trade secrets and capital structure decisions” (Hernán Ortiz-Molina, Matthew Serfling y Shweta Srinivasan)

Auditorio R03, edificio del Reloj
03/11/2014 Joseph Kaboski (Notre Dame University)

“Can Self-Help Groups Really be ‘Self-Help’?”

Auditorio R01, edificio del Reloj
25/08/2014 Gordon Phillips (USC)

“The Incentives for Vertical Acquisitions and Integration” (Laurent Frésard y Gerard Hoberg)

Auditorio C, edificio Biblioteca
01/08/2014 Ivan Marinovic (Stanford University)

“No News is Good News: Voluntary Disclosure in the Face of Litigation Risk” (Felipe Varas)

Auditorio C, edificio Biblioteca
09/07/2014 Gabriel Natividad (Nwe York University - Universidad de Piura)

“Negative Financial Spillovers in Local Banking Markets” (Mark J. Garmaise)

Auditorio R03, edificio del Reloj.
27/06/2014 Mariano Tappata (University of British Columbia)

“Price Discrimination and Opaque Platforms. Evidence from the Hotel Industry” (Ricardo Cossa)

R03, edificio del Reloj
25/04/2014 Francesco Decarolis (Boston University)

“The Welfare Effects of Supply Side Regulations in Medicare Part D” (Maria Polyakova y Stephen Ryan)

Auditorio C, edificio de Biblioteca
04/04/2014 Marcelo Olivares (Columbia University)

“ICU Admission Control: An Empirical Study of Capacity Allocation and its Implication on Patient Outcomes” (Song-Hee Kim, Carri W. Chany y Gabriel Escobar)

Auditorio R03, edificio del Reloj
14/03/2014 Paul Povel (University of Houston)

“Competition for Talent under Performance Manipulation: CEOs on Steroids” (Iván Marinovic)

Auditorio C, edificio Biblioteca

Ciclo de Economía y Empresa 2013

22/11/2013 Ben Handel (University of California Berkeley)

“Health Insurance for ‘Humans’: Information Frictions, Plan Choice, and Consumer Welfare” (Jonathan T. Kolstad)

Sala R20, edificio del Reloj
15/11/2013 Ricard Gil (Johns Hopkins University)

“Vertical Integration, Exclusivity and Game Sales Performance in the U.S. Video Game Industry” (Frederic Warzynski)

Auditorio B, edificio Biblioteca
13/11/2013 Liran Einav (Stanford University)

“The Response of Drug Expenditure to Non-Linear Contract Design in Medicare Part D” (Amy Finkelstein y Paul Schrimpf)

Sala R13, edificio del Reloj
06/09/2013 Eugenio J. Miravete (University of Texas, Austin)

“Complexity, Efficiency and Fairness in Multi-Product Monopoly Princing” (Katja Seimz y Je Thurkx)

Edificio del Reloj.
10/05/2013 Andrés Musalem (Duke University)

“Measuring the Effect of Queues on Customer Purchases”

Edificio del Reloj
12/04/2013 Gautam Gowrisankaran (University of Arizona)

“Mergers When Prices Are Negotiated: Evidence from the Hospital Industry” (Aviv Nevo y Robert Town)

Auditorio R03, edificio del Reloj
15/03/2013 Pablo Hernández (UC Berkeley)

“On the Origins of Leadership Through Communication: The Role of Context and Social Preferences”

Auditorio R03, edificio del Reloj