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Ph.D. Field of Study: International Management

Categorización académica:

Associate professor

Área de investigación:

Administración de Personas


Comportamiento Organizacional | Gestión Intercultural | IHRM | Negocios Internacionales


Series Editor Palgrave Macmillan (UK) , Member of the Academy of Management (AOM), Member of the Academy of International Business (AIB), Founder board member of the Academy of International Business in Latinamerica (AIB-LAT)

Cursos que imparte:

People Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Strategic Human Resources Management, International HRM, Human Behavior & Leadership, Healthy People & Organizations, Research Methodology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT, I/O Psychology.

Leonardo Liberman


Leonardo Liberman, is an Associate Professor at the Business Faculty at Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile. Prof. Liberman has previously worked at the School of Management at Queensland University of Technology and as the Director of the International Graduate Program at Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. He also has been in charge of an International MBA program from a domestic School of Business in Chile (UAI). Before pursuing an academic career, he was the HR Principal of two international companies and the principal coach in executive management courses in Santiago Chile (ICARE). Prof. Liberman has published in top tier, peer reviewed international journals and books, both as the sole author and together with coauthors from several countries and regions. He has also lead several research projects, conferences and private consultancies at local and international level. Leonardo was the founding Chapter Chair of AIB-LAT (2007) and he is currently member of the executive board of the same Chapter.

  • Ph.D. Field of Study: International Management, Stockholm University
  • Professional Psychologist, (with “Highest Distinction”) UDP, Santiago, Chile
  • Licentiate in Psychology (with “Highest Distinction”), UDP, Santiago, Chile
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    Competitive paper
  • Liberman, L., Troncoso, P., & Aqueveque, C. (2010). "The Impact of Paternalism on Chilean Employees and Executives", AIB-LAT Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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  • Project leader of “Human Resource Management in Small and Medium-sized Firms in Chile” (2014-present)
  • Project leader: "International Expatriate Management in Chilean Multinational Companies" (2015-present)
  • Project leader: "Positive Traits and Executive International Performance." (2015-present)
  • Project leader: "Management Styles across Countries." (2009-present)
  • Project Collaborator: "Paternalistic Style of Management Project" (2010-present)
  • Project leader: "CrossculturalRole Expecations" (2016-present)
  • Project Collaborator: Country Rep. Cranet (2016-present)
  • Project Collaborator: Country Rep. Institute of Policy Stucies, IPS. National Competitiveness Research 2009-2013